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Written by plusz   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 21:18
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We wake up around 8 am, only to sound the alarm. Ok 8:15 windmills spin longer, which means that once again turned off the current. The moment we hear the sound generator and current returns hotel - it is probably a lower voltage than normal, because the air conditioning does not work.

We eat breakfast and make the check-out. The driver, we agreed to pick us 10 and will transport to another hotel, 1 km from the port where we can "sit & relax on the beach and take lunch." This was our second hotel keeper, who "took care" for the ferry tickets . Probably also they wanted us to see another hotel Sea Shell - in total a bit cheaper and also looks at the clean and decent.

At the hotel, 100 meters from the shore was a small reef and we could spend an hour watching the snoorkelingu fish and corals.

Relax on the beach, ate pizza for lunch, main course, which probably is not here too often. It turned out that the kitchen in a hotel in a Russian work, but we had no occasion to determine whether it is there permanently, or "passing."

At 13:30 arrived and our driver took us to the port.

The first adventure - Incredible India, or how to get to the ferry return

If you have tickets for the ferry, it does not mean that we take the ferry. Here is useful for a taxi driver or guide. It turned out that our tickets are completely different name. The name of the boat, which sailed was different from that which we took and the captain stated that it takes only those people who have tickets in pink. Our guide kept us tickets in blue.
A crowd of Indian tourists almost fought with the service, and after a while the policeman who was holding a stick. The guide told us to wait and put the bags on the ground. After a while the ship waited at which he began to drain. Then the second of our caregivers called us to the second ferry, where the captain took all people with blue tickets. Simply announced that passengers without tickets can not occupy seats that most ignored seeking suitable sites in the cabins and the main room with armchairs. We took our seats somewhere in the transition, probably on the verge of starting from the ship. After a while, someone told us that there are still seats on the lower deck, but in total we had no need to change location.

In the harbor were already waiting for our colleagues from the travel agency who podrzucili us to the hotel (again Megapode Net). Morning fell in Port Blair rain - apparently some times 30 minutes - but it is evident that hard - 16.30 were still puddles.

Procedure check again took us some time - foreigners must fill in a few more documents.

With the guys we have agreed on a final settlement on the day. 18th So we were a little bit of time for a quick cold shower (it appears that the boiler does not work ...).

For the first time colleagues were late - like them - a lot - 30 minutes ... but it surprised us with a gift in the form of a cup with your logo:) we filled the questionnaire on the level of satisfaction.

In addition, instruct us to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant ANAPARATHA caffeterie in the heart of Port Blair. Of course, before you recommend any restaurant or food set to be a vegetarian or not - of course choose vegetarian. Number of customers in the middle knocked us - the house was full:) Fortunately, the Indians are very helpful and immediately one of the clients (unless the request is waiting to take away) directed us to the next room where he organized a small table. Traditionally, the inside air conditioning set at a minimum, so we freezes and the Indians have been enjoying it. Menu - 1 sheet double-sided - most of the names tells us too many with the help and here comes two days earlier at Elephant Beach known Indian tourist and his daughter - which suggests that the order was not too hard, and suggest that the main course, after the addition chlebkami naan, can be divided into two persons. The dish (cheese in a delicious green sauce) is perhaps not too much, but it is still a place for consumption Chahoui Pouri (I believe this is called) - cake fried in deep fat administered in the form of an inflated balloon. This is probably the local attraction, because everyone that admired. Of course, even the photo of strangers with their timid daughter and you can go to the main market.

Amazing is that nobody bothers, not praises of their goods and not the inevitable. Stalls rather nietutejszych lot of fruit - oranges (again, probably in Australia) and red apples (evenly as from Western Europe), therefore, that it was already 20.30 wygaszają lights and shops shut. Between several budkami flashes a few times the word HOTEL - we are very pleased that none of them did not do reservation:)

I'm really impressed with the city. I do not know whether this charm evening (after the temperature drops below 30 C) or time of year (probably a lack of monsoon is very important), but after that I could market a little longer hang. In no way interfere with cows wandering sidewalks (if thrown carelessly concrete slabs, you can even call it the sidewalk) - locals pat them slightly to change the direction of their walk (so that we do not have to meet with them), or coming from bajorka fetorek. In fact, one of the sudden even so intertwined with the smell of incense and flowers to a woman's hair wpinają

How to buy a phone card prepaid? Well, not so easy .... must provide: proof of identity, accompanied by a copy of it, the proposal for the purchase card to then wait for the permit card :))))


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