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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 21:22
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Many people ask how to organize the trip and what are the approximate costs.

In planning the trip very happy to help. Will determine the preliminary budget, a hint how to determine what we want to see, where to check reviews of hotels, where you read about the attractions. We will help you make a reservation for a car and hotels , so that if you could cancel it even on the day of arrival, suggest how to buy a plane ticket and insurance at a good price. If necessary, it is also possible telephone assistance in case of serious problems. Suggest how to obtain a visa, how to prepare the documents, how to prepare for travel, admission, etc.
We will help draw up a detailed plan for something like the following.

Plan wyjazdu USA

The cost of such services depends on the time required on our part. For those who are fairly independent and speak English the time required to prepare a one hour examination, then prepare for the next meeting within 1-2 hours and refine details. The cost of our work is about 100 zł per hour, which obviously allows for significant savings when you travel and avoid the mistakes of the traveler for the first time. Tell and show photos, we will advise where to stay, and which places should be avoided. After returning to help develop boards with pictures and create photo galleries on the web.

Zdjęcia na płytach z wyjazdu

Places to visit and which read:

  • Andaman
  • Havelock
  • Port Blair
  • Neil Island
  • Elephant Beach
  • Red Skin
  • Jolly Buoy
  • Diwali
  • Flying fish
  • Cellular Jail
  • Port Blair
  • Beach Number 7 (RadhaNagar)

Determine the cost of travel to the U.S.

The cost depends on several factors - price air ticket, accommodation costs and expenditure on food.
We avoid the cheapest beds. They may indeed be good quality, but unfortunately we have no such guarantee. We know from experience that the lower the price usually associated with less comfort stay, or just pop an attractive little neighborhood, and consequently more expensive pay extra for parking, food, internet or travel to interesting places.

Approximate cost of travel to the U.S. for two people, 12 days, 10 nights:

flight 1200-2000 USD
600-1200 USD (U.S. $ 60-120 per night)
car 550-1300 USD (1 week USD + 3days X320 + tax AC / OC)
fuel $ 200 (1,000 miles, 17 MPG = 58 x 3,2 Gal USD)
board 400-1000 USD (40-100 USD / day)
ticket 100-300 USD
insurance, visa
$ 300 (U.S. $ 40-100 per day)
GRAND TOTAL: 3350 - 6300 USD

To buy a ticket at a good price and have a choice of attractive accommodation, we start planning and initial reservations about 3-4 months before departure.

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