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Written by plusz   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 19:16
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  1. flight to Frankfurt was only a 15 minute delay at the outlet. In place of arriving on time, so we had 2.5 hours until the next flight
  2. short tour of the Frankfurt airport - we did not want to go to the new terminal, and the old do not generally experience one of the largest airports in Europe.
    From the Andaman Islands
  3. On departure to Chennai, we heard an interesting offer. When boarding was announced that they are looking for volunteers who will fly to Chennai by Bangalore (or another flight) and in return, receive a bonus of EUR 600. Not noticed or reported to anyone. We discussed this proposal but we're not sure what would be given with luggage in Poland, EUR 1200 and so we have not been "easy" earned. I wonder whether the premium to be collected in cash, or rather in bonds / miles.
  4. Flight to Chennai expired very nice. Lufthansa offers pretty good "entertainment system" - everyone has his little ekranik which may choose to listen to music or movies to watch. Movies are relatively new productions - Angels and Demons, Soloist, Transformers 2, Ice Age 3rd
  5. Pretty good meals - brunch, lunch and dinner. As a difference compared to other lines indicate the level of service - flight attendant responded each time to "recall", but it was interesting that most of the requests were "false" because the button can be invoked by chance hit my elbow (Airbus A340-300)
  6. Arrival in chennai punctual. We had to complete two papers - one such as in the USA in order to visit, and the second is a health questionnaire. Of course, none of them no one was reading, but upon arrival and viewed them as much as 3 people at different positions.
  7. On arrival are also temperature scanners, but a person that supports them (in maseczce) deals only arriving at the stamps on the form and does not pay attention to the screen.
  8. Kiejkut luggage in full, even a whole took place relatively quickly.
  9. After leaving the terminal at once found a "consultant" who asked that the line we are looking for. After a while, he asked whether we want to change money. I preferred to choose from an ATM so I asked about the nearest ATM. What's interesting to me without a problem was indicated by the friendly Mr. Unfortunately, the trials e payment of 25,000 automated teller asked inr smaller amount. I typed 10000, counted and finally paid przeliczał 400 and asked to check whether the amount in the account match the amount paid. Only as we get access to the network will be able to see what appeared on the bill - the Just in case, keep a copy.
  10. After leaving the ATM, our "consultant" asked whether we want to change dollars - I asked if there is another ATM. Pointed to another - but gave up and assume that we will exchange in Port Blair.
  11. To check-in we have to wait at least 2 hours. It is 1:30. There are many people, because the first flight from the domestic terminal at 4:30. Ours is another - 4:55
  12. Theoretically, the airport is the Internet - Industry Tata offers wifi. Merged cell displays the payment page, but the laptop is no longer able to connect computer sitting next to young Indian people to the house confirmed that the network can see, but can not hook up.
  13. At the airport we meet the boy from the USA, who returns for a few days to Hyderabad - 40 hours for the trip, the last port of Singapore. What is interesting is in Burlingham, the Walmart.com - probably have mutual friends.
  14. We were not able to sleep at the airport - in total, even we did not want. We go for check-in at 2:30. King Fisher Airlines have everything prepared professionally, but here you can see the high staff and bureaucracy. At each location there are 2 or 3 people, and among them even after 2-3 coordinators indicating where to go. Of course, there was no one who wskazałby earlier that the check is in the other are you than the words "check-in, but the experience taught the guides, check the second room in which I have set the queue.
  15. First you need to scan hand luggage, get a stamp confirming the scan, and then we go to check-in, where we give the luggage and get boarding passes. Interestingly, everything works fine + one leaving their luggage - the position supported by our two people, which is very interesting when you consider the current trends and the fact that in the U.S. on domestic flights in many places are only self-service position. But this is the standard here - unfortunately it does not avoid the confusion. In our case there was confusion, and even I was surprised that KLM's loyalty card numbers were in the system - which eg Lufthansa and LOT sure could not.
  16. Now only "security check" is to check whether we have all the required stamps on hand luggage + scan metal detector and checking and that has nothing to do with pockets. Women are being tested as a separate screen.
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