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Written by plusz   
Monday, 22 March 2010 21:04
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Today we plan a trip to Red Skin Head (name of the island or beach). Shortly after breakfast, promptly set upon by our caregivers and ask if we have bathing suits? The description of the trip indicated that it will be watching the corals and fish from the "glass-bottom boats," or boats with glass bottoms. Associating similar attractions such as Egypt, it seemed to us that it will be some sort of a modern enterprise that takes on board all tour and after seeing the sea of specimens we get back to port. It appeared that it looks a bit different.
Along the way, the guide showed us the areas destroyed by the tsunami in 2004 - so far the vast areas of visible remains of houses, trees, stumps, and standing water. Thus, the tsunami is not only a destructive wave, whose effects are felt immediately, but the effect for several years.

After a 60 minute drive, we were delivered to a small port, "input" to the protected nature area. According to the ruling bureaucracy tickets have been checked several times (A4 forms wypisanymi all data and some seals), plus we bought (or rather had bought for us our guide) fee for the camera. then waited to start boarding (on time, according to information on tickets) and we took the place of the old sta cruise - on board were about 30 people, of which 4 people from Europe - the rest are Hindus.

The ship cast off and after 40 minutes we were on the spot, near a lovely beach. To get to the shore, it was necessary to change to a small 6 passenger boats. Then it turned out, what are 'glass-bottom boats "- this is simply a small, wooden boats, which are at the bottom, instead of the usual boards have incorporated a kind of window - it looked like the old wooden windows, but probably because the thicker glass was not broke (maybe no one came on the glass).

Large boat dock about 50 meters from the shore and small boat sailing to the shore were doing a kind of slalom, and the bottom could be seen truly unique reef, corals, fish and other creatures.

On the beach, each found a place, things spread out, dressed up (more on this later) and finally to perfectly clear, warm (33 degrees) water.

The dressing was different - przebierały Hindu woman in long pants and sweatshirts tracksuits, some had trousers, leggings, shirts and swimwear are assumed - but most fall into the water just in a sari. Most of the Indian beach goers (if not all) could not swim. Their snorekeling consisted in the fact that the guides took on board a few emergency wheel, "contribution" is an amateur in swimming, established his mask and pipe and pulled over the reef - at a depth of 2-5 meters could see what he usually sees in aquariums or natural movies.

We wzbudzaliśmy great interest for two reasons. First, we had their own masks and fajkami, to one of us had a thin wetsuit for diving, but above all we were white.

At the beginning we saw just a huge excitement and interest when you assume liśmy costumes, but after exchanging a few words, everyone was so emboldened that we were Captured at several joint photographs. We learned at the same time some very interesting things both about the customs of bathing and generally spending the Christmas holidays and by the people of India. There were two of the same history and as far as I understood, that each group was from a different region, and spoke a different language (of course, most people communicate in English.) So we learned words in sanskycie, Bengali, Tamil, Hindi and Orissa (I'm not sure if the name of the language, but certainly this is the name of the region).

Our snorkeling lasted 2 times after 45 minutes - of course not needed for this assistance and lifebuoy. Underwater you can see ....

Back was 45 minutes earlier than initially planned, but probably because they took us back to another boat, a bit faster (were a total of 3, and apparently of no significance at boarding on which he gets, but when you return it's significance was not)

Interestingly, even though we arrived earlier, our driver was dowieziony on a motorcycle after 10 minutes. System of notification and cooperation between the conductors is really excellent and everyone knows who is by whom and odwożony dowożony.

  • back to hotel, dinner

  • confusion with the bill

  • sleeping, packing

  • fireworks at the door, the roar


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