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Written by plusz   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 19:30
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  1. Soon, Diwali ...
  2. It is 3:00. We are waiting to start boarding.
  3. Boarding without reservation. Of course, at the door of another military or police officer to see if the luggage is a sufficient number of stamps. After checking in we get on the bus and ride to the aircraft.
    From Chennai
  4. KingFisher Airlines is truly a different world. After the experience at the airport in Chennai, we get a new, very nice Airbus A330. Inside the beautiful music from the speakers, in an elegant red stewardess uniforms, each chair ekranik private - even nicer than in the Lufthansa first impression disappears for a moment when the plane disappears when reversing the voltage, the light goes out for a while and restarts all the screens - I can only see messages bootable Linux. But after a while the crew abandoned the recorded presentation and discuss the safety seat belt and mask "on line"
  5. We are trying to sleep right away, which was a good decision, because it took a while before it took off - as in any other line.
  6. On the screen in every seat you can observe the view from the front of the camera-plane for the first time I saw this - worth applicable to other lines.
  7. Refreshments on board - two buns + water + fruit. For now resigned from the fruit and bread with salad - spice contains a strange taste of mold.
  8. For an hour and a little zdrzemnęliśmy 7 an hour before the pilot announced that the island we see is that where once you land.
  9. After landing we went back to the Indian reality - the airport looks like in the movies featuring such distant places. A small hut "station", the airport board, the tractor moving stairs to the plane, bus, who looks about 50 years and, of course, the policeman, who draws attention to one of the younger Indian passengers that the cell can not take pictures. Of course, neither is doing the photos, nor he is a police officer took too much attention.
  10. It is not too hot, but about 8 in the morning it seems to us that it was noon. The reason for this is the location of the islands and the fact that throughout India follows the same time.
  11. In the Main Hall as well as in films from South America. On the ceiling a lot of windmills. 2 at the entrance desk, and every 5 persons. Several ladies in saris, a few men. The first desk is a committee of "health." We need to re-fill "health check". Same as in Chennai. Imigration Then check where the check that the forms we filled imigration. The following is an official checking whether we have a visa in the passport. Kiey no downstream is the young man who is probably the best versed in papierkach, goes to his desk, "imigration" and all he completed all required zeszyciki and asks us to give your home address. Everything looks like our electoral commissions in the smaller towns - everyone asks others how to fill out the form and where to put a stamp - of course with regard to officials, because tourists, which is about 20 people complete all required fields, realizing that none of these forms will not be read.
  12. We collect the baggage and the airport waiting for our driver to Andaman Holidays - as it later turns out the owner's son, which established all the conditions of stay. This is very useful for finding the local reality and takes a bit of stress and seek.
  13. We are taken to the municipal hotel, on the way to discuss the view of the city and the main supermarket.
  14. The hotel we are staying, and quickly before we go to sleep we decide to explore the city. Of course, even grab a breakfast, because although the sun high, and it seems to us that first afternoon, the 9th is just ok
  15. Breakfast quite good - although modest. It is fortunately tea - but only with milk. For the toast, omelet, jam and potato curry. Tastes.
  16. The room is in order as to the local conditions. Air conditioning works - in the first room the water heater is not working, so change the room. As far as pure, although in our living room a small lizard and a worm. As we have seen these lizards in this area is very high and are mainly hunting for mosquitoes and other insects, so we try not to disturb her.
  17. We get to know neighbors who bring a side - the young tourists from Israel, who in India has already spent 3 months - just do not see it after them.
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