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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 18:35
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  • first night very well. No insects, disturbing noises (except one, when probably a cat or dog decided to crawl under the floor of our chalet)

  • woke up only after the alarm signal at 8 am - the sun was already high. It turned out that there was no power again, but I am in total, it is not needed.

    From the Andaman Islands
  • Masala omelet for breakfast (very good, with tomatoes and chili peppers, but not too sharp). For the obligatory toast. Morning also signed a bill for the previous day - all according to what spożyliśmy.



  • Exactly at 10, and even a few minutes before our driver arrived. Drive lasted about 30th After we passed through, inter alia, jungle, rice fields and many huts of the local population.

  • Upon arrival at the beach No. 7 driver explained to us that the beach is 8km long, pointed to where they are changing and we have agreed with the driver at 12:30.

    From the Andaman Islands
  • the driver advised us that, in booths at the entrance, we can use the meals - the booths were doing us a very bad impression, and so far not decided to eat (very wrongly, because the first impression is wrong)

  • At the entrance tried coconut water directly from the coconut. We asked about the price - 15 rupees. We have proposed 10, but probably regular price is lower.

    From the Andaman Islands
  • Beach No. 7 was considered the most beautiful beach of the world according to the weekly .... and really impressive. Only a handful of tourists, most from India. On the right side of the entry, in the jungle several tourist cottages, very reminiscent of cheap accommodation at the Polish seaside.

    From the Andaman Islands
  • The beach was posted (or rather stuck in the sand), red flag. Indeed, the waves were quite large, some reaching up to about 1 meta (niewprawnym assessing my eye). Of course, not interfere in any way in the bath. It can not be had snurkować, but generally this beach except for one piece (Blue Lagoon) contains nothing but perfect white sand and blue water. Thus, mask and snorkel are not something necessary.

  • We walked a few hundred meters to the right on the beach at Barefoot Resort. Besides us there were still only 3 other people. Opróc from the 2 dogs that have stated that they will accompany us all the way and drive the other dogs, which also would like to join.

  • Dogs are everywhere here - probably do not have owners. Respond to the opening of the backpack - probably associate them with obtaining food from the tourists - I do not think getting some other food, because they look pretty poor. There are more threats from the man coming down the road, and if you do not want to leave enough to raise the states and expel them - they are afraid. Rather, they should not be fed, because after a while there may be several times more. It should not leave your backpack unattended on pisaku - seen as a dog backpack portfolio has marked as its own territory. Damage was not too big, because the owner on his return from the water's noticed.

  • The water was perfectly clean, warm, and it was fun jumping the waves, or immerse yourself just before the wave of water - if wymierzyło well, it was possible to obtain the effect of a fairground carousel, while rotating the water or swim on their backs and wave surfer.

  • After 90 minutes, jumping the waves, we decided it was time to see what else is happening in the area - apparently there is a place where elephants are trained. Unfortunately we were unable to reach it.

    From the Andaman Islands
  • On-site meetings with the driver we were 30 minutes earlier. We saw booths with food, but once again decided not to (again wrongly)

  • The driver arrived 5 minutes before time, but when I saw that now we are waiting, he asked whether it is too late - really punctuality seems here to be put at a point of honor.

  • The driver rang to make sure the ferry which leaves us and we agreed to meet at 10 am.

  • After returning to the hotel took a shower and drove a tuk-tuk to the village well. 3 - market.

  • The Bank does not mention the money - but it is worth visiting and see. I do not know if they even deal with money. Several hundred meters towards the village No. 7 is the ATM.

  • Purchase bananas. Market fruit. Oranges and mangoes are expensive, because it imported, and transport costs. Local's just a small yellow, very tasty banana (20 rupees for a large bunch, about 12 pieces). Green bananas are bananas, legumes to cook.

  • Most things can be more expensive than on the mainland, due to transport costs and lack of factory / factories on the site.

  • Here focuses on the village life, including a lot of tourists, mostly young people.

  • A meal in a bar where other tourists were sitting. The owner and the owner very nice. Menu in English. When I ate, the owner told her husband that has made, he probably did not ate. We were after a small snack in the restaurant, so I thanked. The atmosphere at home, giving very good. Generally clear, although it must try to get rid of prejudices.

  • Back to the hotel.

  • Shower and exit to the beach

  • surprise, the water withdrawn by about 150 meters.

  • Walk along the beach. Only now you can see here is how many foreign tourists, mostly young people. Sit on the beach, drink beer, sometimes a fire. Nobody keeps out loud, not "party time" too uproariously.

  • After 30 minutes of walking, we realized that the tide begins (about 16:30).

  • quick step back to our entrance to the beach to avoid flooding the narrow track, which would not be possible.

  • The tide is very fast, you can see from minute to minute as the water comes and floods the individual rocks. We do not know at the time the water comes back to what we saw of the morning because after 40 minutes it got dark - came less than 30 centimeters of water, which translates into about 60 meters of the beach. Certainly in the eastern part of the beach can not be done the evening bath. We do not know how it is on the west side, where you can watch the sunset at the beach No. 7

  • holes in the path that we saw earlier were crab houses. After dark in the light of a flashlight can be seen as those holes are created. We were able to even see a large crab (about 10 cm wide)

  • Today again there is no electricity - this must be regarded as the norm. After 15 minutes of light restores the hotel generator

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