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Journey to the Andaman Islands PDF Print E-mail
Written by plusz   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 19:16
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  1. flight to Frankfurt was only a 15 minute delay at the outlet. In place of arriving on time, so we had 2.5 hours until the next flight
  2. short tour of the Frankfurt airport - we did not want to go to the new terminal, and the old do not generally experience one of the largest airports in Europe.
    From the Andaman Islands
  3. On departure to Chennai, we heard an interesting offer. When boarding was announced that they are looking for volunteers who will fly to Chennai by Bangalore (or another flight) and in return, receive a bonus of EUR 600. Not noticed or reported to anyone. We discussed this proposal but we're not sure what would be given with luggage in Poland, EUR 1200 and so we have not been "easy" earned. I wonder whether the premium to be collected in cash, or rather in bonds / miles.
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The first day of the Andaman PDF Print E-mail
Written by plusz   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 19:30
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  1. Soon, Diwali ...
  2. It is 3:00. We are waiting to start boarding.
  3. Boarding without reservation. Of course, at the door of another military or police officer to see if the luggage is a sufficient number of stamps. After checking in we get on the bus and ride to the aircraft.
    From Chennai
  4. KingFisher Airlines is truly a different world. After the experience at the airport in Chennai, we get a new, very nice Airbus A330. Inside the beautiful music from the speakers, in an elegant red stewardess uniforms, each chair ekranik private - even nicer than in the Lufthansa first impression disappears for a moment when the plane disappears when reversing the voltage, the light goes out for a while and restarts all the screens - I can only see messages bootable Linux. But after a while the crew abandoned the recorded presentation and discuss the safety seat belt and mask "on line"
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Myths and Facts about India PDF Print E-mail
Written by plusz   
Monday, 22 March 2010 20:52
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Several myths about India, which do not have to translate into reality

Perhaps our observations result from the fact that we first visited the Andaman Islands - and it is a bit different India. Besides the time spent on the continent rather better hotels and neighborhoods.

  1. myth: it is dirty - the fact: Our rooms were very clean restaurant, hotel alleys. Even considering European standards, if we consider the smaller hotels.

  2. Myth: it is a lot of insects - a fact: in the room have not identified any individuals, plus one spider in a hotel in Port Blair, but generally the hotel is likely to be under the care of the government and not private, and has shown some shortcomings. Starting the evening is always a smarowaliśmy preparation against mosquitoes - a bit preventively. An effective measure is a Muga. Mosquitoes may occur in the forest and in the evening - I noticed a bite when it applied the measure, because we left the hotel as it was clear and walked to the dive base Barefoots, who happened to be in a place where mosquitoes fly.

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Diwali in Andaman PDF Print E-mail
Written by plusz   
Monday, 22 March 2010 21:00
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  1. according to the order, before we go to sleep we go for a walk. We ask the reception to the beach. A map that is about 2 km, but a few guys sitting with the "tourist services" says that more than 10 km. At the moment we do not want to use their services and decide to go. (The day after we checked on a different map and Guideposts - it really could be about 10km)

  2. Generally, few people here it comes - the majority of three-wheel tuk-stops and so the art of moving. My 30 minutes did not give it up and avoiding the sometimes appearing in "cow pies" come to the waterfront. We do some photos and find that, however, unless we use transportation to go back to the hotel.

  3. It turns out that the cost of a tuk-art of only 20 rupees (about U.S. $ 1). So please, first of transportation to the bazaar where you want to buy water. The driver speaks English poorly, unfortunately, so when I get to bazarku, it is difficult for us to change the decision and ask for transportation to a store. The driver does not give up and after a while we come to the restaurant where you buy drinks. The driver goes with me - probably so that the landlord knew that he had brought me. Prices of beverages unless they are officially regulated, because we pay a price that is printed on the bottle. In our restaurant the price is exactly the same - 15 rupees.

  4. We return to the hotel around 11 and decide a little odespać - until we wake up before 17, so as to make it an appointment with our caregivers.

  5. In accordance with "residence" is transported to the Cellular Jail - probably the main museum on the performance of "light and sound." Probably inclined to think of something more "show." Really boils down to the present flowing from the speakers and the history of the Andaman jail and fight for freedom Andamans. There are no actors, only a few objectives of the backlight lamps in prison and bushes in the courtyard with the development of history .
    Fortunately this is only 45 minutes - rather not look. Ticket price included in the event - a total of just 20 rupees.

  6. After the show we go to the hotel where he has already started preparations for Diwali Eve-events for which distributes ticket desk.

  7. Quite enjoyable event. Singing an Indian team is quite decent local food, cold drinks. The disinfection, after long explanations to order alcohol.

  8. In part, the music is playing bingo - reader reads passes, and those who previously purchased tickets are deleted when you declare yourself an appropriate system of numbers.

  9. Then we can try the local cuisine - the choice is quite large. We taste best baked wheat cakes.

  10. About 21 events that is culmination burning sparklers and fireworks firing - generally only a small plumes of fire - but also fired by children. Here, nobody pays attention to the fact that it is dangerous - luckily there was nobody.

  11. Before the end of the event we decide to go to peace, to sleep even the previous night and prepare for another day.

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Our first reef at Havelock PDF Print E-mail
Written by plusz   
Monday, 22 March 2010 21:04
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Today we plan a trip to Red Skin Head (name of the island or beach). Shortly after breakfast, promptly set upon by our caregivers and ask if we have bathing suits? The description of the trip indicated that it will be watching the corals and fish from the "glass-bottom boats," or boats with glass bottoms. Associating similar attractions such as Egypt, it seemed to us that it will be some sort of a modern enterprise that takes on board all tour and after seeing the sea of specimens we get back to port. It appeared that it looks a bit different.
Along the way, the guide showed us the areas destroyed by the tsunami in 2004 - so far the vast areas of visible remains of houses, trees, stumps, and standing water. Thus, the tsunami is not only a destructive wave, whose effects are felt immediately, but the effect for several years.

After a 60 minute drive, we were delivered to a small port, "input" to the protected nature area. According to the ruling bureaucracy tickets have been checked several times (A4 forms wypisanymi all data and some seals), plus we bought (or rather had bought for us our guide) fee for the camera. then waited to start boarding (on time, according to information on tickets) and we took the place of the old sta cruise - on board were about 30 people, of which 4 people from Europe - the rest are Hindus.

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